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Xpress Pharmaceutical , A unit of EFFINLAND IP , incorporated in 2011, is a privately held pharmaceutical company that manufactures, markets and distributes high-quality, safe and effective pharmaceutical including Generic products to wholesalers, distributors, drug store chains, mass merchandisers, government agencies and managed care accounts in the under the xpress label. Xpress Pharmaceutical develops, purchases, and licenses a wide range of products in several dosages and forms across many therapeutic areas.

Our Mission

To bring high-quality, safe and effective generic pharmaceutical products to the Indian Market. At xpress, our mission is simple: to provide quality, safe & effective pharmaceuticals including generic to the people who need them. Our team is dedicated to providing our customers with outstanding customer service, innovative marketing strategies, efficient manufacturing and distribution with stringent regulatory compliance. Xpress Pharmaceutical leading the way to a healthier tomorrow.

Our Services

Process Includes

Collaboration with manufacturers to ensure compliance with FDA standards.


Full product launches support.


Develops and manufactures oral solid dose products under the Leading label.

Our Team


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Joint Ventures

We are seeking partners for joint ventures. that can make tangible business contributions, safeguard IP, ensure operational control and manage talent

Our Products are the fundamental and Traditional knowledge of pharmaceutical Patent products. Our Products are protected by Patent is one of the major forms of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) used in the pharmaceutical industry, Trade mark and copyright are other forms of IPRs. Welcome any proposal like -Transfer of the patent rights, Technology Transfer and compulsory licensing etc. of Pharmaceuticals products.

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154/1,Thiruvalluvar Nagar IInd Cross, Vadavalli, Coimbatore 641046 Tamil Nadu , India

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Phone: 7904898271

E- mail: info@xpresspharmaceutical.com





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